Weekly Healthy Meal Plan

Making a weekly healthy meal plan and preparing meals that will serve you and your family for the week ahead can prevent stress and ensure that you’ll eat healthier and enjoy a variety of meals.

Saving money on your meal budget is also a definite perk you’ll experience. Whether you’re a full time mom or dad or a full time business owner or employee, you can profit from planning and preparing your meals a week ahead of time.

As you progress in your “think ahead” mindset, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along. Preparing meals ahead of time means different things to different people.

Weekly Healthy Meal PlanYou may want to concentrate on the breakfast meal of the day – or lunches for on-the-go families – or dinner, when you come together for a great meal and some conversation without the hassle of preparation.

No matter which type meal you choose to prepare ahead of time (or all of them), you’ll profit from the pre-planning. Such planning can set you free to do other things and still provide you and your family with a nutritious and delicious home-cooked meal that will be appreciated by all.

If certain times of the day are hectic (such as mornings) and you end up with an unhealthy snack or nothing at all, you may want to consider pre-thinking and preparing a healthy and nutritious first-meal-of-the day in batches so that you only have to grab and go whatever you prepared for the week.

The main focus of preparing meals for the week or a few days ahead of time is to plan. Planning is key to having a smoothly-running mealtime that everyone will appreciate. For example, make sure you have enough containers for individual servings and that they can be easily stacked in the refrigerator to take up the least amount of room.

You’ll also want to prepare meals which are easily microwaveable so you can heat them without having to turn on the oven. A comprehensive shopping list is mandatory. You don’t want to be in the midst of preparing meals and find you’ve left out a key ingredient.

In the beginning, you may want to plan only a couple of days ahead of time. Planning meals for an entire week may overwhelm you, but pre-planning and preparing a few servings for one meal of the day a couple of days ahead of time can help you get organized and get used to the concept.

Stick with tried and true recipes for your weekly healthy meal plan. It’s frustrating to spend time preparing a meal ahead of time that everyone turns their noses up when it’s served.
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