Healthy Lunch Ideas

Whether you’re having lunch at your desk or overlooking a beautiful waterfall, you need healthy lunch ideas and a little planning to make it a more enjoyable – and nutritious experience. It’s also likely you’ll save money by avoiding those expensive lunches at nearby restaurants – or drive through fast food.

You’ll also avoid that afternoon slump in energy and brain power if you plan ahead to take filling, but healthy lunches that perk you up rather than take you down. It will do wonders for your productivity.

One great idea for pre-planned lunches is to combine a protein, vegetable and carb so you’ll be getting a balanced meal. Some great proteins to choose from include eggs, chicken, tofu, steak or fish.

Great lunch veggies are abundant. Choose from broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, lettuce, zucchini and so much more. And for a carb, you’ll find good choices in potatoes, brown rice, cous cous and quinoa.

Healthy Lunch IdeasThere are so many ways to prepare them, you’ll never run out of ideas or new tastes. Mason jar salads have become the trend for healthy and filling lunches. Online recipes are everywhere, but one good concoction includes lettuce, chicken, avocado dressing, corn, black beans and tomato.

This “Mason jar taco salad” stays fresh and is a delight to look forward to at lunchtime. Containers are an important part of your lunch meal pre-planning. Mason jars are great and sturdy plasticware is also a good choice for soups and meals you need to heat in the microwave.

Flour tortillas are a great choice for all types of healthy wraps. Be creative with versatile ingredients such as rice, chicken and quinoa and healthy veggies. They’re also easy to eat and less messy than many choices.

Add fruits such as mandarin oranges and strawberries to your salad for a healthy and tasty way to get your fruit quota – and nuts such as walnuts and pecans can add a bit of crunch to jazz up a boring salad.

Don’t forget the old standby, sandwich, choice. You can prepare them ahead of time and choose ingredients that are low in calories and rich in nutrients. Tomato, hummus and spinach or low-calorie chicken salad on whole grain bread are great lunchtime choices.

You never have to let your lunches become boring with these healthy lunch ideas. There are so many great choices from which to choose – and they’re easy and less time-consuming to prepare. Let your imagination soar and you’ll never dread having to eat a boring lunch again.

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