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Electric Griddle - Optimal Healthy Cooking Electric griddles are a quick and fairly inexpensive way to make a variety of different foods for optimal healthy cooking. Some of the benefits to having an electric griddle is that a griddle cooks fast, and cleans up just as fast.

The majority of them have nonstick cooking surfaces, which means you won’t have to use grease or butter or any kind of artificial cooking spray which means your foods are made in a healthy manner.

The Black & Decker Family Sized Griddle model number GD2011B is electric and it can give you a healthier way of cooking. This one is specifically for large families or for entertaining when you have a lot of people over.

It has an expansive cooking surface of 12 x 22 inches which means it can prepare up to 8 servings of whatever you’re cooking all at the same time. The temperature control ensures that you end up with even heating across the surface of the griddle.

The griddle can hold the set temperature for the length of the cooking time. There is a drip tray included which helps keep fat and grease away from the meats you make. This tray is easy to remove as well as clean.

Another good electric griddle choice is the Presto Electric Griddle model number 07061 is a 22-inch griddle that has removable handles. This one has a nonstick surface as well.

It also has a wide cooking surface that can easily prepare food for a large family. Cooking on this model eliminates stick and cooks foods quickly so your eggs over easy will be perfect time after time.

You can even grill fish or meat using this model. This unit is 1500 watts and has a cast aluminum base which keeps the appliance from warping. There is a master heat control that keeps the temperature you set it on.

The drip tray slides out and is easy to clean. The griddle is too, as long as you take off the heat control first. You can pop this griddle right into the water to wash it. The handles to come off once you open the clips. This makes the unit easier to wash as well as to store in a cabinet.

If you’re looking for an electric griddle that also has a warming tray, the
Oster DuraCeramic Griddle model number CKSTGRFM18W-ECO is a good option for you.

It has the DuraCeramic non-stick coating. This means that it’s designed to outlast the electric griddles that have ordinary non-stick surfaces. The PTFE & PFOA free ceramic coating surface of this one is created to stand up to the test of time and it is scratch resistant.

It’s a griddle with a large 10 x 18 inch surface which is big enough to allow cooking large meals and with the warming tray, you can keep food ready for a crowd of guests. The appliance has a temperature control that can hold the right temperature and is removable when you want to take it off.

The grease channel and drip tray help to ensure that the fat content of your food is considerably less than conventional cooking methods.

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